Annual award in the form of a silver plaquette awarded by the Hellenic Philatelic Federation to a study on the Hellenic Philately

2007 Michael Tsironis: The Olympic issue 1906 (Greek-English)"
2006 John Daes: Concise tables of mail and additional postage dues 1/10/1861-31/12/2000 (Greek)
2005 Μichael Petradakis: I Fiscali del Dodecaniso (Separate editions Greek-Italian).
2004 Athanassios Paschos: The mail censorship by the National Liberation Aemy in Thessaloniki (Greek)
2003 Νick Bergiopoulos: Catalogue-study of special commemorative postmarks of Greece 1969-1980 (Greek)
2002 Joh Daes: The postal cancellations of Athens (Greek)
2001 Louis Basel: The 10 lepta large Hermes Head stamps of Greece (English)
2000 John Coundouros: The control numbers and the classification of the stamps of the large Hermes heads (Separate editions in Greek and English).
1999 Anthony Virvilis: Thirty seven years of philatelic writing in the Hellenic and foreign philatelic press.
1998 Angelo Papaioannou: The progress of the communications in Greece (1821-1998). The Telegram (Separate editions in Greek and English).
1997 Not awrded
1996 Alain Nicolas - Alexander Galinos: Foreign post offices and their cancellations in the Helladic territories, vol. A till 1923 (Greek-English with forewοrd in French).
1995 Panos Ioannidis: Cumulative index of “Philotelia” vol. IV 1984-1993 (Greek-English with foreword in French).
Theodore Papaeliou: The closure of foreign post offices in new Greece 1914 (Greek with English summary).
1994 John Daes: The Greek post offices of the 20th century based on the official archives of the period 1931-1941 (Greek-English).
1993 Not awarded
1992 Orestes Vlastos: Comparisons of the Hellenic postal stamps 1861-1923 (Separatelyeditions in Greek, English and German).
1991 Michael Petradakis: Postal history of Aegean Islands Italian Military Post offices (1897-1943) (Separate edition Greek and English).
1990 Not awarded
1989 Theodore Exarchos: The typographic overprint Cefalonia-Itaca (Greek) Second edition.
Socrates Bosovitch: For his articles “The Greek internees in Italy 1941-43”, published in “Philotelia” (Greek-French) and “The Odyssey of a letter” published in “Philatelic Echo” (Greek)
1988 Sophocles Nicolaides: Cumulative index of “Philotelia”, vol. III 1974-1983 (Greek-English with foreword in French).
1987 Δημήτρης Ζαφειρίου: Postal History of the Ionian Islands (English)
1986 R. Feenstra. W. Leimenstoll, K. Mostert: Crete, Ρostal Ηistory - Stamps (English)
1985 Prodromos Mellon: The Turkish post office of Thessaloniki (1840-1912) (Greek).
Heinz Behrens: Greece 1861-1886: The large Hermes heads (Translated by M. Kaitatzides in Greek).
1984 Gerassimos Zissimatos: The postal history of Rhodes (1309-1984) (Greek).
Michael Kaitatzides: Identification charts for the large Hermes heads (Separate edition in german-English and in Greek).
Michael Kaitatzides: Plate flaws of the large Hermes heads (Separate edition in Greek-English and in German).
1983 Mark Marinakis: The postal history of Cretan Administration 1900-1913 (Greek).
Hellenic Radio & Television: The serial “A tiny piece of paper…”.
1982 Not awarded
1981 Vassili Arapoyannis: Special cachets of Hellenic airmail during the period 1926-1946, Greek (Greek 1981 and Greek-English 1982).
1980 Theodore Papaeliou: The rural service in Greece. Classification of the rural postmarks (Greek).
1979 Petros Linardos: Twenty years of philatelic journalism in various daily or weekly newspapers and non-philatelic periodicals.
1978 Stelios Kassimatis: The new post offices after 1900. The postmark type V (Greek).