A plaquette awarded annually by the Hellenic Philotelic Society to the best article published in Philotelia

2007 Neoklis Zafirakopoulos: "The control figures and the printing of the first Greek stamps" (Greek - English)
2006 Takis Karatzas: "Greek perfin stamps" (Greek)
2005 Costas Chazapis: "Partisan stamps" (Greek)
2004 Nick Asimakopulos: "The first wavy line of large Hermes heads" and "Treasures of Hellenic Philately" (Greek – English)
2003 John Daes: "The scraped out postmarks of Macedonia" (Greek)
2002 Costas Chazapis: "The Bulgarian occupation of Greece 1941-44" (Greek - English)
2001 Anthony Virvilis: "The Polish issues of 1934" (Greek)
2000 Takis Karatzas: "The Postal Administration of the Cretan State" (Greek)
1999 Panayotis Ioannidis: "The settings of the 1912-1913 "ELLINIKI DIOIKISIS" overprint. The sequence and their interdependence" (Greek)
1998 Gerassimos Vlachos: "Santa Maura: Incoming and outgoing mail from March 1815 to March 1865" (Greek - English)
1997 Gerassimos Vlachos: "Mail routes and postal rates between Great Britain and Ionian Islands 1819-1865" (Greek - English)
1996 John Daes: "A proposal for the codification of the Hellenic Post Office cancellations" (Greek)
1995 Socrates Bosovitch: "Italian Occupation of Eastern Crete 1941-1943" (Greek - English)
1994 Takis Karatzas: "Notes on the study for the classification of the Cretan State stamps" (Greek - English)
1993 Theodore Papaeliou: "The Macedonian Question" (Greek)
1992 Neoklis Zafirakopoulos: "Censorship on civilian correspondence in Greek territories occupied by the Germans during 1941-1944" (Greek)
1991 Postal History Research Group of H.P.S.: "Currency control in Greece 1936-1940" (Greek)
1990 Louis Basel: "Control numbers of the 20 lepta of the 1867 Large Hermes Head" (Greek - English)
1989 John Coundouros: "Control number errors of the Large Hermes Heads" (Greek - English)
1988 Socrates Bosovitch: "Airmail markings OAT and AV2 in correspondence from Greece" (Greek - English)
1987 Panayotis Ioannidis: "Detailed classification of the Small Hermes Heads" (Greek)
1986 Nick Kardassilaris: "Greek Postal Administration in Eastern Thrace 1920-1922" (Greek - English)
1985 Jack Vayakis: "Greek prisoners in Italian Camps during the Second World War" (Greek - French)
1984 Demitris Yiannoudis: "The official handstamps of the Greek consular authorities and the activities of the mail distributing and postal exchange offices of the pre-adhesive period" (Greek – English).