Osvaldo Giordano, Argentina
E-mail: osvaldogiordano@sion.com

Osvaldo Giordano


Consulting Expert of the UPU and of the UPAEP (Postal Union of the Americas, Spain & Portugal). Master's degree in Business Administration.The founder in 1963 of the Association of Philatelic Chroniclers of Argentina (ACFA), of which he is currently the President. Director of the magazine Cronista Filatélico, as well as all the publications of the ACFA and of the Revista FIAF, also permanent collaborator of Revista de Filatelia (published by EDIFIL, Madrid, Spain). Creator and editor of the "Philatelic Annuals" of the National Enterprise of Posts and Telegraphs of Argentina (1960-1977). Juror of FIP and of FIAF in Philatelic Literature and Thematics. Member since 1970 of the National Advisory Commission of Philately. President of the FIAF Comission for Philatelic Literature. Director and Editor of the publications of the following international exhibitions of Philately and of Philatelic Literature: PRENFIL '80, ESPAMER '81, ARGENTINA '85, PRENFIL '88, ESPAMER '91, IBEROPRENFIL '92, MEVIFIL '97 and ESPAMER '98. Author of "The Univeral Guideof Philatelic Writers 2001". Co-author in editing ACFA 1963-1998. Author of the work "Learning from Postage Stamps", being a guide for the development of Philately in schools (missions of technical assistance of the UPU and of UPAEP). He proposed the annual postal issues of common subject "AMERICA UPAEP" and wrote the norms that would regulate it (he organised and directed the talks at the sessions of the UPAEP Seminaries at La Habana in 1988 and in Mexico in 1989, so as to put in place this issues). He carried out for the UPAEP a study, approved by the UPU, which permitted the issue of postage stamps without face value and intended for franking international correspondence. Philatelic Literature in Argentina The first Argentinian philatelic magazine was published in Buenos Aires on 1 August 1874. The Association of Philtelic Chroniclers of Argentina (ACFA) was founded on 1 August 1963; together with Argentina Post (Correo Argentino), the Argentinian Federation of Philatelic Societies (FAEF) and the Stamp Dealers' Association of Argentina (SOCOFIRA), they have all undertaken to help the development of Philately (each such organisation in its specific field of activity). The Day of the Philatelic Press is celebrated every year on 1st. of August with a ceremony in the ACFA headquarters, together with the application of a special cancellation, as supplied by Correo Argentino. The ACFA has put on five international exhibitions of Philatelic Literature (in 1974, 1980, 1988, 1992 and 1997). The MEVIFIL '97 exhibition specialised in Computing Philatelic Literature and its excellent results induced the FIP to permit the participation of such activities in competition in the exhibitions under the patronage or auspices of the FIP.

The following magazines are being published at the present time: Revista FAEF, Cronista Filatélico (ACFA), Apuntes Filatélicos (Philatelic Circle of Liniers), El Correo del Oeste (Philatelic & Numismatic Centre of Ituzaingo), El Sextante (Naval Philately Group), Revista Filatélica Argentina (Philatelic Society of the Republic of Argentina), Boletin Aeropostal (Argentinian Society of Aerophilately), Fundacion Bose ( Bose Foundation). Resena Filatélica (independent magazine with a private editor), Revista CEFAI (Argentino-Israeli Philatelic Centre), Boletin Podium (The Podium Group of Sport Thematics). In addition, there are other philatelic societies that publish regularly their own Philatelic Bulletins.

The ACFA publishes its magazine Cronista Filatélico (specialising in Philatelic Literature) three times a year (April, August and September) and has already reached No. 243. It is distributed free of charge to the members, to other Argentinian and foreign philatelic societies and to the foreign media and leading philatelists abroad.

During the year 2002, the principal activities of the ACFA have been the following: "14th. National Meeting of Philatelic Chroniclers" (with the theme of "Youth and Philatelic Literature"; a magazine of 48 pages was published with works on that subject); "The Annual Award of the ACFA 2001" (awarded to the best work of investigation published in the previous calendar year by any member of the ACFA, residing in Argentina or abroad); "The Day of the Philatelic Press 2002", taking place in its headquarters with the presentation of two new CD-ROMs containing works of investigation , with a lunch being put on for those present and "A Show of Aerophilatelic Literature" in honour of the 75th. Anniversary of the National Library of Aeronautics. The following events are being programmed: "Exhibition of Argentinian Philatelic Literature in the 19th., 20th. and 21st. Centuries" in the Buenos Aires General Post Office and the publication of an "Argentinian Philatelic Bibliography of the 19th., 20th. and 21st. Centuries"