Dr. Valeriu Neaga

Dr. Valeriu Neaga


Born on July 1st 1926, in Pereni village, (today in Republic of Moldavia). In 1940 together with his family took refuge at Buzau where he passed his school-leaving examination. He came back in his native village for a short period and in 1941 he took refuge, definitively this time, in Romania.

He attended for 4 years the courses of the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj Napoca and the last two years in Bucharest.

Since his early childhood all his activities went together with his passion for philately. During the years spent at the University, next to Dr. Petru Pintea and other enthusiastic people, he founded the first philatelic student group in Romania. Since that time, for the next 50 years, the name Dr. Neaga was connected to all national important philatelic and of maximaphile events and also to similar international events.

In 1957, next to other passionate collectors, has founded in Bacau- the city where he worked as doctor– the first group of Maximaphily in Romania. Shortly after the foundation of the Romanian Philatelic Association (today FFR) in 1958, he was elected Vice-president of the Board of Directors and President of the Maximaphily Commission. In Bucharest where he continued his activity as doctor, he dedicated his time also to philately. He was the initiator and the organizer of great events of the maximaphily, such as the bilateral exhibitions with France, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, ex USSR and also of some regional events as BALKANMAX . The highest point was in 1974 when he was the initiator and the organizer of the first European Exhibition for Maximaphily EUROMAX’74 and of the first international symposium for maximaphily in Bucharest.

At the same time he carried on a rich activity at international level, supporting in every situation the official recognition of the maximaphily by FIP. As a recognition of his merits when the sub-commission for maximaphily was created within the Commission for Thematic Philately he was elected Vice-president. In 1980 the independent FIP Commission for Maximaphily was founded and Dr. Neaga remained its Vice-president until 1982 when he becomes President. He had this honorable role until 1988, when, resigned due to health reasons.

In 1990 he founded together with other fellow-workers the Romanian Society for Thematic Philately and Maximaphily (SRFTM) and he was its president until 1977. Since 1977 until the date of his death (July 9th,2003) he was its Honorary President . He served as Board member of the FIP Literature Commission the period 1981-1986.

All this time he had an intensive publiching activity being among the first publicists in the field, writing articles for all the sections of the philately, in Romania and abroad. He directed the issuing of the Informative Bulletin of SRFTM, he was one of the editors of FILATELIA magazine and also member of AIJP.