Toke Nørby, Denmark. RBMC
E-mail: Toke.Norby@Norbyhus.dk

Toke Norby


Born 1943.03.23 in Denmark, married with two red haired daughters and four grand children (per November 2003). Retired as an Electrical Engineer in April 2003. Collector of stamps, postal history and literature since 1955. 1975-1983 Chairman of Jysk Philatelic Club. 1975-97 Member of the board in Domus Philateliae Jutlandica (DPJ). Since 1977 member of the Danish Philatelic Federation's jury group. 1979-86 Editor of the official Danish Philatelic Magazine (DFT). 1988-96 Member of the board of the Danish Philatelic Federation and the board of the jury group. 1988-99 Member of the board of the Danish Postal History Society (DPHS).

Since 1975 exhibited 15 times at national and Nordic exhibitions (Nordic gold as the best result) and 15 times at international exhibitions (first time at HAFNIA 76) with literature, postal history (Danish Ship Mail) and traditional (Danish 30-øres provisionals from 1955/1956) without having been awarded any top awards, apart from the Top 5% + special prize in FIP web site competition in 1999. I have mainly been concentrated on writing: 28 major articles on Danish stamps and postal history and an "endless" number of smaller articles and comments) and giving lectures (so far 91 at Danish philatelic clubs and high schools).

Editor: since 1975: Editor of six Danish exhibition catalogues and have been involved in editing 14 Danish exhibition catalogues and books.

Judging/Commissioner: since 1977: served at 12 national exhibitions. Since 1981: served at seven Nordic exhibitions. Since 1987: served at five international exhibitions, both traditional and postal history western Europe. Commissioner at four Nordic, one FEPA and three international exhibitions (General Commissioner at HAFNIA 01).

Internet: since 1995 with own home page (http://www.norbyhus.dk/) with articles on Danish postal history and stamps. 1996.01.03-1996.04.25: Sponsor for "Post Danmark, Stamps & Philately"! Post Denmark's first home page! - http://www.norbyhus.dk/postdk/. Former Webmaster/Co-Webmaster: http://www.danfil.dk/ (Danish Philatelic Federation's homepage), http://www.nordia2001.org/ (Nordic Stamp Exhibition in Tucson, Arizona), http://www.hafnia01.dk/ (World Stamp Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark). Co-Webmaster: http://www.scc-online.org/ (Scandinavian Collectors Club's Home Page, USA) and Webmaster: http://www.norbyhus.dk/fipliterature/ (FIP Literature Commission's home page).

2001: presented with the Robert Bechsgaard Memorial Cup.