Pierre Seguy

Pierre Seguy


Pierre Séguy: ‘I am no writing amateur but a professional journalist!’ - remember in this!

A philatelist who had been anything but a simple professional journalist in his experience and varied life. He was an editor-in-chief, producer, association founder, international exhibition organiser, even a director in the Saarland and French steel enterprises, boss of a ‘song festival, founder of a an international philatelic organisation. Pierre Seguy who left this world on December 21st, 2004 and was founder and for many years the first president of the AIJP. The AIJP has to thank him, his farsightedness and his strength.

Pierre Séguy was born on November 5th, 1921 a son of a wealthy Viennese family. The invasion of German troops 1938 upset his childhood world. The family emigrated during the Sudeten crisis. After studies in France Seguy joined the army in Grenoble.

He became an editor-in-chief in Austria, with the approaching end of the war in 1944 and conducted broadcasts in the French zone of Austria. In 1945 as an army Captain he went from Innsbruck to Saarbrucken and at the beginning of 1947 put his journalistic career on hold. He built up the transmitter Saarbrucken and broadcast in German a weekly “philatelic news” which ran for over 2,200 editions up to the 1990s!

His organising ability was just as brilliant in philately: In 1948 he founded the philatelic association Saarland, which he ran until 1949 and was then appointed honorary member, and then President of his association from 1962 to 1987. In 1951 he was involved in negotiations with the FIP to allow German philately a place on the international committee of the collector associations again. As a consequence the Saarland association within the BDPh was led by Séguy, under President Hermann Deninger, to rejoin FIP.

For the BDPh and the FIP he was responsible in the area of public relations from 1959, and took the editorial staff management of “Bundesnachrichten” (today: philatelie) from 1961 to 1964.

In 1962 in Prague, for “personal” reasons he stepped down from FIP and committed himself to his philatelic association Saar. He emerged in 1970 as an organiser the SABRIA. He had experience in the business, 1950 he already had conducted the international exhibition IBASA twenty years ago. Philately owes him some of the most beautiful special issue stamps which, today, are still regarded as small works of art because in1950 he introduced the “day of the stamp” in Saarland.

Séguy’s life was honoured often by different states and associations. In 1994 he was appointed Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic of France, he received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Bond of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, he became a Knight of the Legion of Honour, the highest award in France, and in 2000 his original native country, Austria, deemed him worthy, too with the “Golden Cross for contributions to the Republic of Austria” in 1999. The honours bestowed upon him by philately look comparatively modest: 1974 Richard Winner medallion, 1977 Golden Needle of the BDPh. He was honoured with the Saar medallion and 1988 with the Golden Needle by the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten, the German Philatelic Federation (BDPh).

Within the last few years he became less active. As age caught up with him riding his favourite horse in the Saarland became unsafe and this saddened him. He wrote in April 2003: “I forget some”, at that time, he was in a wheelchair, had heavy falls and lived in a nursing home.

“I am no writing amateur but a professional journalist!” he had said to me proudly some years before. As if everybody who only him a little or knew him a lot, hadn't known this! The AIJP surely won't forget this man.

Wolfgang Maassen