Anthony B. Virvilis FRPSL, AIJP, AEP
E-mail: anvirvilis@yahoo.gr

Anthony B. Virvilis



Retired lawyer specialized in Marine Insurance and Claims.

Stamp collector since his childhood.

Board member of the Hellenic Philotelic Society (1971-72 and since 1998), Past President (1984-1997).

Honorary General Secretary of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (1971-72 and 1998-2001), Secretary (1978-79) and President (2007-12).

Member of the Editorial Committee and shadow editor of journal Philotelia, official organ of the Hellenic Philotelic Society since 1984 and editor elect (2000-07).

FEPA Board member (1997-2008), responsible for Philatelic Literature (2001), Awards (2004) and website editor (www.fepa-philately.com) (2008).

Member of the editorial Board of the European Philatelic Federation's journal FEPA NEWS (2005-09)

Delegate of Greece to the FIP Philatelic Literature Commission, since its foundation in 1973, Bureau  member (1984-2004) and Chairman (2008-2012).

He has served as General Commissioner of the National Exhibition with international participations HELLAS ’84, Counsel to National Exhibition with international participations PHILOTELIA 2005, Hellenic Philotelic Federation’s Consultant to the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition EFILA ’02, General Commissioner of FIP OLYMPHILEX 2004, Coordinator of FEPA  BULGARIA '99, BALKANFILA '07 and BULGARIA '09 and member of Organizing Committees of several national exhibitions in various positions.

He has also served as National Commissioner to FIP Exhibitions AMPHILEX '77, NORWEX '80, MILANO '80, ISRAPHIL '85, FINLANDIA '88, IPHLA '89, ISTANBUL '96, LORCA '98, ITALIA '98, CHINA '09, FEPA Exhibitions WIPA '00, EUROCUPRUM '01,  BALKANPHILA and other international or regional Exhibitions since 1975.

He has been appointed National delegate in several BALKANPHILA since 1975, FIP since 1977 and FEPA Congresses since 1988.

Attended FIP Seminars for international judges in Helsinki (1988), Prague (1988), Malmoe (1988), Thessaloniki (1989), Bucharest (2008), Luoyang (2009) and Lisbon (2010) and conducted several  seminars for the national judges in Greece.

Accredited juror to Traditional, Postal History, Thematic and Literature Classes has served in several National and Pan-Hellenic Exhibitions (either as Member, Team Leader, Secretary, President, Consultant or Coordinator), as well as in regional BALKANPHLA Exhibitions (‘75, ’77, ’81, ’91, '07 and '10) for Literature, Thematic, One Frame and Open Classes.

He has been appointed jury member in FIP and FEPA Exhibitions for Philatelic Literature and Thematic Classes in ISRAPHIL ‘85, GENOVA ’92, ISRAEL ’98, MILANO ’98, LORCA ’98, BULGARIA ’99 (Secretary of the Jury), ESPANA ’04, EFIRO '08, PRAGA '08, WIPA '08, CΗΙΝΑ '09, ΙΒRΑ '09, ANTVERPIA '10, PORTUGAL '10 as well as in the international exhibitions ATHENS 1896-1996, Athens (1996) and INTERPEX ’92, New York (Consultant).

Author of several articles the last 47 years, either on traditional philately, postal history or general philatelic topics (over 230), book reviews (over 110) etc, mainly in Philotelia (since 1966) as well as in other 12 Greek, 24 foreign journals also in  newspapers, exhibition catalogues and other publications. His articles have been translated and published in English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Uruguyan, South Korean and USA periodicals and international exhibition catalogues.

He has been interviewed by Greek daily newspapers and magazines and  the Hellenic State TV as well as in local channels where has presented six times various topics on Philately (Philatelic Literature, Postal History, Philatelic Exhibitions etc).

He has founded Hermes Club, an institution for the financial support of National Philatelic Exhibitions organised by the Hellenic Philotelic Society (1984), such as HELLAS '84, PHILOTELIA '05 and LAVRION '09.

He had the intitiative and drafted the Rules for the annual Stephen Macrymichalos Award for the best article published in Philotelia (1984), the Rules for the annual highest distinction of the Hellenic Philotelic Society (1984), the Special Regulations of the BALKANPHILA exhibitions (1992 and 2010), the Rules for the annual Medals and Awards of the European Philatelic Federation (2004), the annual C. Binos Literature Award of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (2007) as well as several exhibition regulations and philatelic projects. 

Co-author of the Hellenic Philotelic Society’s website (www.hps.gr in 2001), the Hellenic Philatelic Federation's website (www.efo.gr in 2007) and editor of Philotelia’s Cumulative Indexes vol. III (1974-83) and vol. IV (1984-93).

Editor and translator of philatelic handbooks, exhibition literature and collaborator of Vlastos stamp and postal history catalogues of Greece.

Contributor with the respective philatelic entries to the compilation of a four-volume, Encyclopaedia of Greek Press 1784-1976, published by the Centre of Neo-Hellenic Studies of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (2008) and collaborator to the project for the development of the infrastructure for an open horizon database for the Greek Press by the Panteion University, Athens (responsible for the philatelic section).

Contributor with the respective philatelic entries to the second edition of Handbook of the Neo-Hellenist, Bibliographies, Lexika, Handbooks, Catalogues, Indexes, Chronologies etc., compiled by Professor A. Politis (University Press of Crete, 2005).

He has given lectures and read papers at the Cyprus Philatelic Society (Cyprus), the Hellenic Philotelic Society (Athens) and the Bulgarian Philatelic Academy and has participated as lecturer, translator or moderator in several Philatelic Congresses, Conferences and Symposia in Greece.

He has participated in various academic Congresses and Symposia on modern Hellenic History with papers on the 19th century postal history topics, promoting philately in the academic circles.

He has initiated in 2000 the public and official presentations of newly published philatelic handbooks, which today have become an established tradition in Greece.

Author of the books:

 -Contribution to the study of the small Hermes heads, The Hellenic Philotelic Society, Athens 1969 (Greek-French),

 -Catalogue-Study of the special commemorative postmarks of Greece, The Hellenic Philotelic Society, Athens 1974 (Greek),

 -Index to Name and Major Philatelic Auction Sales of Greece and Related Areas, Connecticut 1989, (co-authored with Louis Basel) (English),

 -Handbook of Hellenic Philately: Handbooks, Monographs, Articles, Bibliographies, Indexes, Vlastos, Athens 2003 (Greek-English).

 -The Polish issues of 1934, The Hellenic Philotelic Society, Athens 2008 (Greek).

He mainly collects disinfected mail in Greece and has exhibited in the Pan-Hellenic exhibitions with international participations EFILA ’02 (Gold with Felicitations), KARDITSA ’06 (Gold and Special Prize) and LAVRION '09 (Large Gold and Grand Prix), the national exhibitions with international participation VASTOPHIL ’04 (Italy), JERUSALEM ’06 (Israel) and POSTEX ’06 (Netherlands) (Gold), the world exhibitions AMPHILEX '02 (Large Vermeil), WASHINGTON ’06 (Gold), ISRAEL '08 (Large Vermeil) and ITALIA '09 (Large Vermeil)

He has also participated in a joint display of the Disinfected Mail Study Circle at the Royal Philatelic Society London (2003).

His handbook CatalogueStudy of Special Commemorative Postmarks of Greece, has been exhibited in FIP World Exhibitions ESPANA '75, ITALIA '76 and AMPHILEX '77 (silver bronze) and INTERPHIL '76 (silver).

His Handbook of Hellenic Philately was awarded with Large Vermeil (and special prize) in the International Philatelic Literature Exhibition TEMEX ’03 (Argentina), the WORLD STAMP CHAMPIONSHIP ’04 (Singapore), WASHINGTON ‘06 and ST. PETERSBRG '07, in Nationals with international participation CHICAGOPEX ’04 (USA), JERUSALEM 2006 (Israel) and the 10th National Philatelic Literature exhibition of N. Zealand (2007) with Vermeil, in BRNO ’05 (Czech Republic), ΗUNPHILA '07 (Hungary) and LIPSIA '07 (Germany) with Large Silver, and in the 7th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition of Canada (2005) with Silver.

He has been presented with:

-      the Honorary silver pin of the Turkish Philatelic Federation (1977),

-      Honorary Medal by the Philatelic Society of Lesvos (2001),

-      Special prize for his long-standing service to the BALKANFILA exhibitions by the Turkish Philatelic Federation (2007),

-      Special prize by the FEPA Board for his long-standing service (2008),

-      Special plaquette for the 20th anniversary of FEPA institution by the  Association of the Bulgarian Philatelists (2009).

He has been awarded with:

-       C. BINOS Award 1999 Literature Award by the Hellenic Philotelic Federation, for “37 years philatelic writing and editorship”,

-       G. P. TREFONAS 1999 Memorial Award by the Hellenic Philatelic Society of America, for “long-standing and tireless philatelic services to Hellenic Philately and efforts to project and maintain its international standing”,

-       S. MACRYMICHALOS Award 2001 and 2009, by the Hellenic Philotelic Society for the best article published in Philotelia the respective years, namely “The 'Polish issues' of 1934” and “The use of the term Philotely in 19th century”,

-       the Ordem de Merito Filatelico of the Portuguese Philatelic Federation (2011).

Fellow and representative in Greece of the Royal Philatelic Society London (1976), member of the Association Internationale de Journalistes Philateliques (AIJP) (1983), The Disinfected Mail Study Circle (1986), The Philatelic Writers Society (1997), L’Academie Europeenne de Philatelie (AEP) (2001) and Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888 (2009).