Liu Jia Wei, China
E-mail: jiyoujiao@yahoo.com.cn

Liu Jia Wei


1954 Born in Heilongjiang province in the year of Horse. 1971 Began postal career in Dumeng Autonomous County of Heilongjiang province. Began management career in the Provincial Postal Administrative Bureau. Took up the posts of deputy manager of Heilongjiang Provincial Stamp Company, secretary-general of Heilongjiang Provincial Philatelic Association, and Council member of All China Philatelic Federation (ACPF). 1989 Enrolled as a National Judge of stamp exhibitions. 1992 Received Bachelor's degree of Administrative Management through on-job studying, and compiled Cultural Relics on New China Stamps. Awarded China Youth Scientific Expert prize by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and went to review postal system and philatelic activities. 1994 Elected as Manager of Heilingjiang Provincial Stamp Company. Conferred as senior economist inspecting postal and telecommunications in Europe. 1995 Took part in the 3rd professional training program for Youth Cadres held by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. 1996 Devoted to the organization al work of the 9th Asia International Stamp Exhibition held in Beijing. 1997 Took up the post of deputy secretary-general of All-China Philatelic Federation (ACPF). 1998 To Switzerland to attended the World Philatelic Development Conference, and to Hong Kong to attend the philatelic exhibition marking the return of Hong Kong. 1999 Responsible for the organization of world philatelic exhibition held in Beijing. Compiled A Hundred Questions and Answers of China '99, the World Philatelic Exhibition and A World Catalogue of Philatelic Websites.

2000 Fire collection won vermeil medal in Asian International Philatelic Exhibition. 2001 Attended the congress of Inter-Asia International Philatelic Federation (FIAP) held in Japan and elected as executive member of the new term of the federation. 2002 Attended the 67th conference of the International Philatelic Federation held in South Korea, and published Appeal of Philatelic Garden. 2003 Responsible for the organization of 16th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition held in China. Appeal of Philatelic Garden won Large Silver Medal in literature category of the International Philatelic Exhibition. Compiled Regulations of Stamps Exhibitions and Guide to the Compilation of Philatelic Albums (FIP's Chinese Version). 2004 Elected as a member of International Philatelic Literature Committee.Invited by the 1st China Philatelic Cultural Festival to display photographic works. Published Emotion Gallop in Philatelic Field. 2005 Attended the congress of Inter-Asia International Philatelic Federation held in Taiwan. Published Ins and Outs of Philatelic Garden, a sketch of well-known philatelists and artists. Published Exploration in the Sea.