131 works were entered in this section of the exhibition, in three sections: 73 Books (1 was transferred to Periodicals), 37 Periodicals and 21 Catalogues (1 was transerred to Books).

One entry was rendered Hors Consours by the author's appointment to the Jury, seven entries never arrived, five entries were not judged because they were out of date in terms of the Regulations for the relevant Class.

The balance of 118 entries were judged as follows:

  • Gold 2
  • Large Vermeil 11
  • Vermeil 24
  • Large Silver 21
  • Silver 30
  • Silver Bronze 21
  • Bronze 8
  • Certificate 1

The 2 Gold medal exhibits were : Mario Mentaschi-Thomas Matha, Letter mail from and to the Old Italian States 1850-1870 Patrick Choy, China silver Yuan stamps

The Organising Committee is thanked for the excellent facilities provided for the Literature judging.

Three thoughts:

  1. Bibliographies in books need to include the author's name and intials, the exact title and the Publisher and/or place of publication and date. If they do not, the bibliography fails in its intended purpose.
  2. Some journals issued several times a year give a volume number for the year, yet paginating each issue within the volume starting from page 1. This practice is likely to cause confusion when giving references. Pagination within any one volume should be continuous.
  3. Entries at CHINA 2009 included some excellent specialised catalogues. Congratulations to those Editors striving to provide more information to help collectors in their pages.

Robin Gwynn
Literature Team Leader