APF News

APF (Australian Philatelic Federation),  3 times a year (February, June, November)

- in English

The Young Collector

APF Youth,  3 times a year

- in English

The Asia Pacific Exhibitor

international Association for Philatelic Exhibitors,  Quarterly

- in English

The South Pacific Perfin Bulletin

Perfin Cub of New Zealand and Australia Quarterly

- in English

Cinderella's Australasia

Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia

- in English

   Western Australia

Black Swan

Western Australia Study Group,  Quarterly 

- in English

Western Stamp groper

Western Australia Philatelic Council,  Quarterly

- in English

   South Australia

One Shilling Violet

South Australia Study Group,  Irregular

- in English

Australian Aerophilatelist

Australian Airmail Society,  Quarterly

- in English


Philately from Australia

Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria,  Quarterly

- in English

VPC News

Victoria Philatelic Council,  Quarterly

- in English

Australian Journal of Philately

Australian Philatelic Society,  Quarterly

- in English

Australian Stamp Professional

John Leah (Commercial),  Monthly

- in English

Australian Stamp News

Kevin Morgan (Commercial),  Monthly

- in English



Tasmanian Philatelic Society,  irregular

- in English

   Australian Capital Territory

Capital Philately

Philatelic Society of Canberra,  Quarterly

- in English

Postal Stationary Collector

Postal Stationary Society of Australia,  Quarterly

- in English

Cover Collector

Australian Cover Society,  Quarterly

- in English

   New South Wales

Bulletin Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club

Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club of NSW,  Quarterly

- in English

Philas News

Philatelic Association of New South Wales (Philas),  Quarterly

- in English

Penguin Views

Society for Polar Philately,  3 times a year

- in English

Sydney Views

Australian States Study Circle of the Royal Sydney Philatelic Club,  Quarterly

- in English


Queensland Stamp Collector

Queensland Philatelic Council,  Quarterly

- in English

Thematically Speaking

Thematics Queensland Bimonthly

- in English