American Philatelist, American Philatelic Society, Bellefonte, PA, monthly

Philatelic Literature Review, American Philatelic Research Library, Bellefonte, PA, quarterly

Mekeels and Stamps Magazine, Philatelic Communications Corp , Merrimack, NH, weekly

Linn's Stamp News, Amos Hobby Publishing, Sidney, OH, weekly

Scott Stamp Monthly, Amos Hobby Publishing, Sidney, OH, monthly

American Stamp Dealer & Collector, American Stamp Dealers Association Inc., Glen Cove, NY, monthly

Topical Time, American Topical Association, Arlington, TX, bimonthly

Air Post Journal, American Air Mail Society, Mineola, NY, monthly

Jack Knight Log, A American Air Mail Society, Mineola, NY, quarterly

German Postal Specialist, Germany Philatelic Society, Valleyford, WA, monthly

The Collectors Club Philatelist, Collectors Club, New York, NY, bimonthly

Postal History Journal, Postal History Society, New Oxford, PA, three per year

Tell, American Helvetia Philatelic Society, Asheville, NC, bimonthly

The Philatelic Exhibitor, American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, Falls Church, VA, quarterly

Rossica Journal, The Rossica Society of Russian Philately, Carson City, NV, twice annually

First Days, American First Day Cover Society, Tucson, AZ, eight per year

The American Revenuer, American Revenue Association, Rockford, IA, bimonthly

The Israel Philatelist, Society of Israel Philatelists, New York, NY, bimonthly

Postal Stationery, United Postal Stationery Society, San Jose, CA, bimonthly

The Journal of the United Nations Philatelists Inc., United Nations Philatelists Inc., Pasadena, CA, bimonthly

France & Colonies Philatelist, France & Colonies Philatelic Society, New York, NY, quarterly